About InfluencEye

InfluencEye is an intelligent influencer search and analytics engine. It helps brands and marketers worldwide find relevant creators, collaborate with them, and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.

We leverage machine learning and natural language processing to create the platform to offer world-class search and analytics for millions of the most influential social accounts.

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Our vision

Our story began with the clear understanding that we could offer top-tier social media analytics based exclusively on public data. It took us almost two years to build a comprehensive influencer search, analytics, and monitoring tool.

To date, influencer marketing shifts focus from top bloggers to micro and nano influencers. This approach allows marketers to find a savvy audience, build trust and enhance the value of partnerships.

Our goal is to develop an influencer marketing platform to allow running campaigns with dozens of participants.

  • Rich influencer database
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Deep audience analytics
  • Influencer management
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Campaign management
  • Communication tools
  • Transparent payments
  • Automated content review
  • Automated marketplace
Our team

InfluencEye is the Cyprus company registered in 2016 with R&D facilities in Belarus, one of the European centers of AI engineering.

Initiated by a couple of machine learning nerds, the project has evolved into the dedicated team of experts in data science, engineering, marketing, and sales with a shared passion for building the best influencer marketing platform.

About InfluencEye
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