InfluenceEye Update: Advanced API Search and More

InfluenceEye Update: Advanced API Search and More

We can’t wait to show you all the new InfluencEye features. Let’s dive in:

Buy More API Requests, Get a Discount

Hurray! Now you can tune your API access on your own! The more requests you buy, the less money you spend.

Check it out:

An example of setting an advanced API

Advance Your API Search

Sorting out the results has never been easier! Now you can play with 16 influence and audience filters.

A chart revealing basic and advanced features of Influenceye

For more details take a closer look at our API documentation.

Improved API Analytics Search

Save your time and search for analytics by period parameter.

  • week – last 7 days
  • month – last 30 days
  • 3 months – last 90 days
  • 6 months – last 180 days (default)
  • year – last 365 days
  • all – all time

Other Valuable API Updates

  • You can update your profile faster (we improved the speed of the force update).
  • See audience grouped in major cities (small cities are now attributed to the big ones).

    Wait For More Updates to Come

    Monitoring API – want to track Instagram posts and Youtube videos with specific @usernames, #hashtags and links? You can have it all! We’re already testing it.

    Tiktok API – wait for advanced performance stats and audience demographics for specified Tiktok accounts.

    API 2.0 – better billing activities and notifications about updated profiles are almost ready to go!

    Get started with the updates now! Start your free trial or log in to your existing account to enhance your marketing efforts!

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