Check Out Our Great July Update

Check Out Our Great July Update

We’re very pleased to inform you about a list of new InfluencEye features released recently. Please see the description below.


Tabular view

We added new tabular view for search results. It shows more information about accounts, including profile info (location, language, top interest), content stats (er, posting frequency, average engagements), and audience (size, growth, demographics). Also you can easily access influencer contacts (if we managed to extract them).

New Platform Tabular View

CSV export on search

Now you can quickly export search results into CSV. Please note that it exports only the current page. CSV file was also improved and now contains much more information.

Mass editing

Now you can also select multiple accounts on search results and either save them into your network or export them as CSV.

Search by URL and quick import of missing account

Search string was also improved. Now you can find accounts by URL. For example, you paste Instagram account URL of Leo Messi and search string finds it. Of course, it also works for Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch.

If we don’t have an account, search string will suggest to import it. 

In the Import dialog you’ll only need to select the list where this account will be saved after import.


Filters UI update

There are almost 25 filters now which make filter tabs look overloaded. That is why we divided filters into 3 tabs:

  • Influencer — location, profile info, contacts, language, interests, gender, similar
  • Content — posting frequency, average number of engagements, mentioned brands, hashtags, usernames
  • Audience (shown by default) — audience size, location, gender, age, languages, similar by audience, growth

New filters

Filter by audience age for Youtube (Audience tab)

If you select 25-34, it will find Youtube accounts where 25-34 is a primary age group. Same filter for Instagram is coming soon.

Detailed filter by contacts (Influencer tab)

Now you can find accounts with detected emails or phones.

Filter by posting frequency (Content tab)

With this filter you can find influencers who make posts every day or less frequently.

Filter by Instagram video views (Content tab)

This filter works only for Instagram and finds accounts with specific average number of video posts views.


Profile summary enhancements

Now you can select period of statistics from all tabs (previously, the period switcher was placed on Content tab only).

New information on profile summary:

  • Number of posts/videos/tweets per selected period + Posting frequency
  • Ratio of photos/videos (Instagram)
  • Average views per video post (Instagram)
  • Information about whether this is business (verified) Instagram account is shown (Instagram)
  • Audience stats is displayed with percentages, e.g. 10% Argentina

Posts vs Videos Instagram stats

For Instagram you can view separate stats for all posts, image posts and video posts.

The ratio of photos and videos is also displayed.

Sponsored posts detection (Instagram)

Detection of sponsored Instagram posts was improved.

Audience age

Audience age for Youtube was updated + we have finished development of audience age for Instagram.

Note: Audience age for Instagram is not visible now as it will take a couple of weeks to be updated for all Instagram accounts. We’ll let you know once it’s ready.


Tabular view

Same as on search results, you can switch between List view and Tabular view in your Network.

Mass editing

Same as on search results, you can select influencers in a list and either save them to other list, or export them as CSV, or remove them from current list. 

CSV export update

CSV export now has much information, including posting frequency, followers growth, interests and top audience insights (gender, age, countries, languages, and interests).

All new billing

We’ve added billing to our UI, so you can buy our product instantly from the UI (and promote your mates to do the same).

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