InfluenceEye Update: Tiktok API and Post Monitoring API

InfluenceEye Update: Tiktok API and Post Monitoring API

Hope you’re all staying safe and doing fine. To cheer you up, we want you to know that we’ve just made a big release! And it’s Tiktok. Are u ready for it?

Amazing Benefits You Get with Tiktok API

Tiktok API is finally here! Now you can access Tiktok profile analytics, update the existing accounts, and import new ones. Cool, right? Importing new accounts takes 5-10 minutes.

And there’s more to it! For each Tiktok profile, you get the same information as for Instagram and even more.

Influencer Details

  • id, username, full name, description, link, profile
  • verification and musician status
  • location, language, categories, contacts


  • number of post
  • posting frequency
  • mentioned brands, hashtags, username
  • sentiment analysis of comment
  • Tiktok related statistics (challenges, usage of owned music, artists and songs used)

Statistics and Historical Data

  • number of followers
  • number of posts
  • engagement rate = (likes + comments + shares) / posts / followers
  • views, likes, comments, shares, downloads

Audience Statistics

  • audience gender
  • audience age
  • audience gender-age
  • audience race
  • audience languages (comments, bios, combined)
  • audience interests
  • countries and cities

Stay tuned for our updates, because soon we’ll be adding Tiktok Search API, detection of similar accounts, and notable Tiktokers among likers and commenters as well as more Tiktok specific stuff.

Post Monitoring API for Accurate Social Media Analytics

We’ve added new features to streamline post performance monitoring on Instagram and Youtube. Now you can keep an eye on your performance and check out how your competitors are doing.

To make it work, you need to select influencers, set tracking period, and tracking criteria (usernames, hashtags, urls, texts to be found in each post). And you’re ready to go! The monitor will automatically find all relevant posts and will refresh them from time to time giving you the overall campaign stats and performance of each participant.

Today, post performance monitoring can be achieved with the assistance of the InfluencEye team. Please drop us a line at, if you want to try it out.

In the API you have access to:

  • list of your post monitors
  • overall post monitoring statistics as well as performance of each participant, historical data feed, lists of top and recent posts
  • list of all posts created during the campaign

What’s coming next? Soon we’ll be adding audience analysis of your campaign’s posts.


Share Your Feedback on Our API

We’re always on the lookout for improvements! If you share your feedback about our API using the form below, you’ll help us make our product better.

To share your thoughts, use this form.

What’s Next?

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing the improved version of API with better influencer and audience interests, enhanced fake followers detection, and more influencers’ contacts available.

Try our API to get performance stats and audience demographics for any Tiktok account as well as to track your influencer campaigns!

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