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  • Unlimited influencer searches
  • Unlimited influencer and audience filters
  • Unlimited influencer and audience analytics
  • Unlimited influencer lists
  • Unlimited import of new influential accounts
  • Unlimited export of influencers into CSV
  • Unlimited campaign monitoring with 5 participants
  • Unlimited analysis of personal accounts
What do you provide as Pro version of InfluencEye?

Pro account offers the full functionality of InfluencEye:

  • Full-text search among millions of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch accounts AI-powered
  • Advanced filters by influencers and their audiences
  • Key influencer info, including location, contacts, mentioned brands AI-powered
  • Deep audience analytics, including geography, demographics, fake followers detection AI-powered
  • Similar influencers by audience and content AI-powered
  • Automated monitoring of dozens of posts with audience analytics
  • Shareable shortlists of favorite influencers
  • Full-cycle campaign management (coming soon)
Why should I choose InfluencEye among others?
  • Largest and constantly updating influencer database. Some services will show you accounts with 1,000 or 2,000 followers, but our threshold is 5,000. So we have 10M+ really influential accounts which is huge.
  • World-class search and filtering. You can refine your search with up to 20 different influencer and audience filters including advanced ones like followers growth or mentioned brands.
  • Deep influencer and audience analytics. We provide performance metrics together with audience insights for all 10M+ influencers in our database. All insights including ratio of suspicious followers and audience gender is derived using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing research.
  • Rich campaign tracking capabilities. Recently we added Instagram and YouTube campaign monitoring with ability of tracking multiple posts (5, 20, 50, 100 and more) in real time. This is what you really need when working with micro influencers. Each monitor has not only basic stats, but audience analytics as well.
  • And, of course, we have a vision to build automated influencer marketing platform capable of running campaigns with dozens of participants. Join us on this way!
How many influencers does your platform have?

We have 10M+ accounts with 5000+ followers from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. All regions, 240+ countries, 50K+ cities worldwide.

Which influencer data do you provide?


  • Followers growth, posting activity, dynamics of engagements
  • Geo, i.e. country, US state, city AI-powered
  • Public contacts and demographics, i.e. gender, language, interests AI-powered
  • Top posts and sponsored posts
  • Mentioned brands, #hashtags, and @usernames
  • Influencer-brands collaborations AI-powered
  • Sentiment analysis of comments AI-powered
  • Similar influencers by content AI-powered
  • Influential accounts within influencer’s followings and followers

Influencer audience:

  • Geo, i.e. countries, US states, cities AI-powered
  • Demographics, i.e. gender, age, languages, interests AI-powered
  • The ratio of real followers and fake/mass followers AI-powered
  • Reachability, i.e. how likely it is that an influencer’s post will be visible to followers
  • Similar influencers by audience AI-powered
Can I get your data via API?

Yes, upon request. Please contact us at

Is your free trial really "free"?

Absolutely. No credit card or other sensitive information is required to start using our Pro functionality for 14 days.

Will I be able to use InfluencEye after free trial?

Yes. Though Pro functionality is disabled, you’ll be able to connect and monitor your own Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch accounts for free. This is what we call Personal account.

Do you have teamwork capabilities?

Yes. All team members can join under one account to share lists, monitors, and campaigns (when they are ready).

Can I pay with an invoice (wire transfer)?

This is our preferred payment method for now. Please contact us at

Can you build an on-demand feature that I need?

Sure. We have a talented team of data scientists and engineers with strong expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and other areas of data science.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or using our live chat.

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